About Christina

Christina is so personable and charming that you sometimes forget that this glamorous woman was requested by appointment to bring her Clairvoyant skills to Downing street, that she is clamoured after at the most A -list of premieres, and has a regular client list that would outshine the clientele of any Private members’ club. Yet in the face of all this Christina remains modest, and conducts herself with the utmost integrity.

CHRIS_02_01Corporate parties are attended to by herself with total professionalism, ensuring a night of discreet and total entertainment. Any and all of the requirements of your party can be met, from themed costume, to themed readings.

In the past Christina has employed Tarot card readers, conducted divination through the bubbles in a champagne flute, and on a more frivolous note, scried using only lipstick and handbags.

The fact that “Spirit and Destiny” Magazine rated Christina the single most accurate psychic after a series of trials, came as no surprise to any of the people lucky enough to have experienced a personal reading from Christina.

Christina has also been a guest Clairvoyant on numerous T.V. shows on BBC1, BBC2 and UK Horizon. Her Corporate client list includes such household names as British Airways, Glaxo-SmithKline, Disney, Shell, Harvey Nichols, Estee Lauder, Louis Vuitton, Nokia and Nickelodeon, demanding that she provide entertainment in such illustrious settings as the Ritz, Dorchester, Blenheim Palace, and the Houses of Parliament.Tea-cup-with-leaves-smaller

World -travelled Christina also has an extensive private client list that includes many high profile dignitaries and A-list stars which requires her attend numerous exclusive functions, including 10 Downing Street.

She has also produced productions at the Saville Club, Mayfair, The Hyatt, The Rocket, Hen and Chicken Theatre, The Kings Head Theatre and Alexandra Palace. Consultant on Silence becomes you with Alice Silverstone and on other dragon fly production. Produced “Housewives of the 1950s” White Bear Theatre and “Recipe for a Perfect Wife” Kings Head.

In the middle of writing “Mystics” which will be in West End Next Year.