Welcome to Practical Magik!

Following years of experience working as an psychic entertainer as well as running events of all sizes, Christina McCulloch created ‘Practical Magik’ to provide a unique magical ambience that will inspire and delight all those that attend her events, workshops and parties.

Christina’s events really are just that, an Event. It is unlike any other Psychic Fair or Party. The atmosphere is fizzing with excitement and fun, wherever you look there is something to pique your interest. Never had a reading before? Here is the place to sample a genuine psychic’s skills, knowing you are never more than a few steps away from a glass of champagne with which to steel your nerve. New to healing? Let a skilled Reiki healer give you a sense of uplifting blissful calm. Want to buy a gift for a friend who is need of a boost? Let a charming white witch show you the perfect playful spell to tempt love or success into their life.

All this takes place in a room decorated with care to resemble the most glamorous party you have been to in a long time, there is gentle lighting, beautiful music, and the chatter of people enjoying a night of enlightenment. Welcoming to sceptics and devotees alike, Christina’s events provide an opportunity for the exchange of skills, ideas and experience, a distillation of what Christina believes so passionately makes the world go round.